Your Story Matters – Tell It!

Your Story Matters – Tell It!

I’ve spent several nights in the past few weeks calling people all over District 53.  I love engaging with people, and listening to them for a few minutes tell me about what is important to them.  I believe strongly that policy should be driven by the people, and the best way to be informed about what affects their lives most is to listen to their stories.

Every person living in Utah deserves someone who will listen to their story, and will bring that story with them when they go to work in the Capitol in Salt Lake City.

I’ve spoken with educators who are frustrated because their class sizes get bigger every year and they can’t provide as good an education as they would like to their students.  I’ve spoken with families who have been affected by serious health issues, and lost the agency that comes with a healthy body and access to affordable, quality healthcare.  I’ve spoken with people who are scared they’ll face a fence on their favorite trail one day because our state is not standing up for public lands.  People are frustrated, and they are looking for someone who will listen to and care about the stories that shape their lives.

Education, Health Care, and the Environment are NOT abstract issues to be used as a tool in a political shouting match.  They are shaping the stories of families every day in Utah, and the people telling stories deserve a champion.

Please reach out to me and tell YOUR story, it matters!  Email me at or reach me on my cell phone at (435) 602-9712.

– Chris


PS – If you’d like to help our campaign get the message out to voters, I would love your contribution.  It will go towards our wonderful campaign manager, and printing lots of mailers and flyers I’m handing out door-to-door.  Every little bit helps!

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