What do you plan to do when you get elected? Why should we vote for you?

What do you plan to do when you get elected? Why should we vote for you?

Recently, a Facebook user and potential voter asked me a very simple question after seeing one of my advertisements.

“What do you plan to do when you get elected? Why should we vote for you?”

I think the full answer to this questions actually starts with what I will do BEFORE to get elected.

  1. I will get elected without having taken money from big corporations, special interest groups, and corporate PACs.  I have one corporate donation, and it is a $100 donation from a friend who owns a small business and believes in me.  I am proud of who has funded my campaign, look at my campaign funding here. 
  2. I will work hard to talk with people from all five counties within District 53 so they can be fairly represented.
  3. I will let people know exactly where I stand on issues so they can feel confident they know what they are voting for.

Once I am elected, here is how I will serve.

  1. My technology background and entrepreneurship experience gives me a unique perspective that is really needed in our legislature.  I want to use it to support small business owners who are looking to grow all over rural Utah.  Big businesses that can afford lobbyists seem to get all the love in our capital, and I think small business owners and the middle class deserve more.
  2. I will work hard to reduce the influence of money in Utah politics.  Big contributions from big business on the Wasatch Front mean they get a much bigger slice of the pie.  Just this year, and major portion of new taxes from online sales (paid by ALL of Utah) was set aside to pay for lower taxes on powerful interests on the Wasatch Front.
  3. I will work across the aisle with those who will fight for clean air and water.  I will push to raise standards on new homes so that we can have cleaner air and Utah families can save money.
  4. I will fight to protect public lands.  If the state gets their way, a major portion of federal land will be under the control of the state (I DO NOT want this to happen).  If it does, I will be a voice that advocates for public lands, one that you can trust and be proud of.
  5. I will work to engage people in the state legislature.  Being on the campaign trail, it is frustrating to see how little people pay attention to one of the governing bodies that affects their lives the most.  I want to change that, and bring attention to the good, the bad, and the ugly of our state legislature.
  6. I will engage local non-profits and community leaders.  The best ideas come from the local level, and I’ve really been inspired by ideas that people have given me.  I want people to know I’m listening, and that they are supported.
  7. I will use my background to save the state money.  I will be critical of technology spending, and will help to make sure that systems purchased by the state work with existing systems, accomplish the goals they are purchased for, and are financially responsible.

I really think that my voice and experience are badly needed by our state legislature at this point in time, and I really look forward to serving there.


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