Some answers to some Questions From Nextdoor.

Some answers to some Questions From Nextdoor.

A few days ago, I took the opportunity to introduce myself to my neighbors on the online platform Nextdoor.  A few of them had specific questions for me, so I thought I would address them. (Thanks Gonzo and Dorothy!)

What is your stand on: Term limits, gerrymandering, gun control, land preservation, doing right by RESIDENTS not corporations who want to own Summit County??

Term limits : I believe in them.  Although maybe not as short as some people would like, because I do believe that legislative experience counts for something.  I think that once a person has served over 15 years (no matter the office), it is time for them to move on and either serve in another way, retire, or go back into the private sector. This would mean a max of EIGHT terms for an office like mine or a Federal Representative (2 year term), or FOUR terms for a state senator (4 year term), or THREE terms for a Senator in Washington DC. Orrin Hatch has been a Senator since before I was born, and I don’t think that is helpful for our country.

Gun Control : I believe that we need to make improvements in the way guns are bought and sold, particularly with robust background checks for purchases no matter how they happen.  I am not 100% convinced that we need to ban certain types of weapons, and I feel like calling for a ban at this point sacrifices any compromise that we might be able to get on any commonly-agreed on restrictions. I’d like to start with where we have agreement, make meaningful change there, and then move on into other areas.

Gerrymandering : I fully support proposition 4 (Better Boundaries).  If you look at the map of district 53 (Here), you will see why.  In particular, take a look at how Pinebrook and Silver Creek are carved out and carved up in this map, it is quite embarrassing.  I also believe that representatives can’t do a great job when their constituency lives hours away.  Places like Daggett county really should get to vote with their neighbors, and gerrymandering in our state has taken that away from them.

Land Preservation : I am generally in favor of land preservation. I was part of the Leadership Park City class that helped to bring attention to and raise funds for saving Bonanza Flat.  I think investments now in land preservation will pay off in the long run, both for our economy and our quality of life.  I don’t get to vote on the bond for Treasure Hill, since I don’t live in Park City.  I realize it is a contentious issue, especially because Parkites are continually asked to invest for the long-term in preservation where development isn’t imminent.  I’m really glad that the City Council worked hard to get an alternative on the table for the people of Park City to decide on, and I look forward to seeing what happens.

Residents vs Corporations : I think one way to look at where my loyalties might lie is through my campaign financing.  Here is how my contributions through today (10/12/2018) compare with my opponent’s.  I do believe, of course, that industry plays an important role in keeping our state an awesome place to live, and we need to continue to be a ‘business friendly’.  However, this does not need to mean that we have a race to the bottom in quality of life, quality of education, and quality of environment.  There needs to be some balance, and I hope to help bring it.

Please address how your platform specifically differs from the incumbent Logan Wilde (R) regarding the citizenry of Summit County.

I do not want to put words into my opponent’s mouth, but I do feel comfortable in pointing out some differences that were made clear in our debate the other night (video). I will try in the following days to lay out more details on why I support these, what people deserve if they pass (TRANSPARENCY!) and how I think my perspective and background will help with each one.

Question 1 : I support it, my opponent does not.

Proposition 2 : I support it, my opponent does not.

Proposition 3 : I support it, my opponent does not.

Proposition 4 : I support it, my opponent does not.

I really do think my background is what sets me apart in this race, and is what our legislature needs right now.  It needs someone who will use technology as a foundation for making better decisions, increasing transparency, and saving money.  I will work hard to make sure that systems purchased by the state are compatible with ones we already have, accomplish the goals we need achieved, and are of good value.

To be clear, I truly believe my opponent is a good man who has Utah’s best interests at heart.  His web site is located here :  Logan Wilde.  District 53 is lucky to have two great candidates that come from different walks of life and have different views, but who both believe in good things for this state.

Thank you for the questions, I hope this helps!

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