I believe we have a responsibility to provide a great education to every student in Utah.  A great education is an important building block for a successful citizenry, and it is not to be shortchanged.  As a candidate who believes in equal opportunities for all Utahns, that commitment starts at the earliest grade levels, and extends through trade schools, apprenticeships, or four-year colleges.  As a technology professional, I have the background and knowledge to know when technology will help, and when traditional instruction is still the right answer.


Nothing takes away the freedom of a family faster than a serious illness.  Overnight, families go from building a wonderful life to working solely to hand their hard-earned money over to the health care industry.  Every Utahn should have access to quality affordable healthcare, and shouldn’t need to go broke doing it.  I fully support the ballot initiative for FULL Medicaid Expansion, and will work hard to make sure that Utah has the medical staff necessary to serve all of Utah, and rural areas in particular.


We have a moral obligation to the generations to come.  That obligation means we must protect that air, water, and wild places that make Utah such a great places to live.  Clean air and water are vital to the health and well-being of Utah families, I will work hard to make sure they are preserved.  I will work hard to protect the beautiful lands that sustain our economy, feed our souls, and bring our families together.

Jobs and The Economy

One of the main goals of the state government should be to support the development of an economy that provides long-term, stable careers for hard-working Utahns.  I fear that our state right now is too focused on jobs within short-term, volatile sectors.  Our economy will do best when we encourage growth in sectors that have long-term viability, and support high-paying careers that will support our communities for years to come.  Tourism, creativity, and entrepreneurship will be vital to the success of rural Utah, and I will support policy that will encourage those living in rural Utah to start their own businesses and support their communities.