Issues – Fair Representation

Fair Representation

I believe that voters should pick their officials, and officials should not pick their voters.  I fully support the BETTER BOUNDARIES ballot initiative to fight for fairer elections in our state.  Neighbors should be able to vote with their neighbors, and communities should not be split between districts with the sole purpose of silencing those voices and hurting democracy.

Our current legislature has made it clear that they are beholden only to the big companies that give big money to campaigns.  From local land grabs and self-appointments by those who stand to benefit to taxpayers picking up the tab for Utah’s largest campaign donor’s cost of doing business, the current super-majority has made their priorities clear.  I believe that fair representation means I am obligated to represent the working families who live in my district, the small companies that they pour their hearts into, and the communities that they work hard to build.

District 53 is one of the largest House Districts in Utah, and I will work hard to represent all of those who live there.