Issues – Environment


Our beautiful land provides for and strengthens Utah families.  A healthy environment is absolutely crucial to our economy and supports our way of life.  Whether you ski, mountain bike, hunt, fish, or ride an ATV, our land brings families together and keeps them healthy.

We have a moral obligation to protect our land, water, and air, so that future generations of Utahns can continue live healthy live, and enrich their lives through the outdoors.  I plan to help fulfill this obligation by :

  1. Encourage smart growth policies in the State Legislature.  Growth is necessary for a healthy economy, but we must be sure we don’t sacrifice what we value in pursuit of unlimited reckless growth.
  2. Hold polluting companies accountable.  Work with these companies to encourage them to operate cleanly and efficiently.  It is unfair for them to impose healthcare and cleanup costs on Utah families.
  3. Support laws that move our economy to a long-term renewable energy strategy that will help keep our state pristine, save money for Utah families, create jobs throughout the state, and ensure our economy will lead the transition to new sources of energy.
  4. Support local governments with their attempts to move to renewable resources and better transit options.
  5. Recognize and support volunteer and non-profit organizations that are working to clean up and protect these lands.