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Compassionate Government

Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

I fully support the Medical Marijuana ballot initiative that we will be presented with this November.  There are some parts of this law that will need to be improved upon, but this is the best chance that we have to bring real relief to Utahns who are suffering.  Our current legislature has dragged their feet on this issue for far too long, contributing to the crisis of over-prescribed addictive opioid drugs that can destroy lives. Utahns have made it clear they support this compassionate solution, and our legislature has not listened.

Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative

I fully support the Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative.  Our state legislature has been rejecting hundreds of millions of dollars every year that hard-working Utah families have paid into the system.  This fiscal failure has raised our healthcare premiums, and prevented hard-working Utah families from getting the hand-up they need in order to get healthy and get out of poverty.  I believe Utahns will see how approving medicaid expansion is the morally right and fiscally responsible choice, and I want to be there to help implement it and make sure the help and jobs it will provide reaches rural Utah.

Small Business Fairness

Our state legislature has played favorites with businesses, making it hard for small, family run businesses to plan for long-term growth.  While big companies that give thousands and thousands of campaign dollars are treated to tax-payer funded handouts, small business struggle to make ends meet while paying fair wages, providing health insurance, and planning for the future.  I will stop favoring those who can contribute to campaigns over those who can’t.