Election Day Registration and Voting

Election Day Registration and Voting

If you have your mail-in ballot, please make sure you get it in BEFORE 11/5, as that is when it must be post-marked.  Or better yet, drop it at one of your county’s drop-off locations.

If you missed the deadline for vote-by-mail (October 30th), YOU CAN STILL VOTE! Did you know that in Utah we are able to register to vote the DAY OF the election?

Show up to your polling place with a photo ID and proof of residency, detailed on your county clerk’s web site or here

Don’t miss this chance to support you favorite candidates, and make your voice heard on education funding, medical cannabis, medicaid expansion, and independent redistricting.  If you have questions, contact your county clerk, their sites are here :

Rich County :

Morgan County :

Summit County :

Duchesne County :

Daggett County :

Please give me a call at 435-602-9712 or email me at if you have any questions, and get out and VOTE!

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