Utah House 53

Park Record Article – A Way Of Life

This Saturday’s Park Record had a great article full of wonderful pictures, good stories, and thoughtful words from those carefully trying to hold onto the lifestyle they love while admitting that they know things are changing. Careful not to prescribe solutions or inject politics, Angelique McNaughton did a great job bringing these voices to us,…
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What can I do to help? REGISTER TO VOTE

Since I’ve started speaking people about the election and my candidacy, a lot of people have asked what they can do to HELP. One of the EASIEST and BEST ways you can help is to REGISTER TO VOTE, and encourage others to do so as well. Registering is super easy if you have your Utah…
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Just filed the paperwork!

I just returned from the County Courthouse in Coalville, after having filed my paperwork to officially run for Utah House of Representatives District 53!  I am so excited to learn more about the stories of people from District 53, and talk with them about how they think about the future of the State and District.…
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