Democrat Running for Utah’s 53rd House District

Chris is running to represent Rich, Morgan, Summit, Duchesne, and Daggett counties in the Utah House of Representatives.

A software engineer and innovator, he will bring a badly needed fresh voice and unique perpective that our legislature is sorely lacking.  Focused on what it takes for Utah families to live great lives and support their families, Chris is dedicated to making this legislature work better and be more transparent.


All Utahns deserve someone who will listen to their story. I will advocate for you and your family in the legislature.


Quality, affordable healthcare and excellent public education should be within reach of every Utahn. I will work to ensure that these building blocks for opportunity are accessible to middle and working class families.


No story is complete without the great outdoors.  I will work hard to protect the beautiful lands that sustain our economy, feed our souls, and bring our families together.

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